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Blue Ocean worked in Phnom Penh, Cambodia opening seminars about HIV/ADIS prevention through passionate efforts of our Field Director and local staff. Our program has been expanding outward to local and over one thousand people get educated every year. We have also been helping HIV/AIDS carriers with medical treatment and care by connecting them to a local hospital(NFC Hospital*).

*NFC Hospital was established five years ago by our Field Director Yoongeun Kim. It is an NPO hospital built in Cambodia, connected to Now Hospital (S. Korea), and has been serving over twenty thousand patients. Blue Ocean faithfully supports the salaries of the NFC Hospital's Cambodian health professionals ever since.

New Project in Cambodia!
Give hope to AIDS-affected families & AIDS orphans
Even though the lives of HIV/AIDS carriers have been extended, the eyes of the societies still look harshly upon them. They often have their rights restricted and struggle to find jobs. Many HIV/AIDS carriers and their families are forced to the streets. After researching in Kandal province, Cambodia, we have found 105 households of PLHIV (Persons Living with HIV/AIDS) and 65 households of OVC (Orphans and other vulnerable children). Around one thousand people are suffering by disease and poverty.

Where does your support go?
- HIV/AIDS prevention program
- Care/Counseling for Persons Living with HIV/AIDS (PLHIV)
- Nutrition support to PLHIV, Orphans and other vulnerable children (OVC)
- Health education program for OVC and HIV/AIDS households' children.